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Instructor: Bob Couillard
Phone: (802) 864-2164

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 Length: 2 years
Credits: 3 per year (Math Credit after two years)
Grade Level: 11, 12 (10 with Director’s Permission)


The welding industry today presents continually growing opportunities for skilled workers. Skilled welders will find jobs in many areas such as transportation, in the building of steel structures, manufacturing and in the construction of earth moving equipment. The first year of the program introduces the student to the fundamentals of SMAW, GTAW and GMAW along with many other welding processes. Instruction also includes print reading, Solid Works and the safe use of small hand and power tools in the field of metal fabrication.


In the second year of the program students learn about metallurgy and gain more in depth knowledge in all welding processes.

Qualified students will have the opportunity to take a test for welding certifications and participate for co-op placements with instructor approval. There are plenty of job opportunities with excellent pay and benefits awaiting the qualified welder.

The Welding and Metal Fabrication Program trains students in  the recognition of metals as well as the proper procedures of  welding. Instruction includes electric arc, oxyacetylene, and  Tungsten inert gas welding, as well as metal cutting and brazing.  Instruction also includes safety, care and use of small hand and  power tools. 
The second year of this program is a continuation of Welding and Metal Fabrication I. Students are encouraged to design and  build their own projects such as go-carts, tools, trailers, etc.  Qualified students are placed in related jobs through the Cooperative Education Work Experience ProgramQualified students may earn advanced standing at the Baran Institute of Technology.

Employment Opportunities After Completing This Course    
 * Combination Welder   
 * Small Business Owner    
* Welding Machine Operator    
* Welder (arc)    
* Welder (gas)    
* Welder Fitter    
* Sheet Metal Fabricator    
* Welding Supply Salesperson

Employment Opportunities After Completing Further Education
* N D T Technician
* Engineer
* Metallurgist
* Welding Inspector
* Welding Supervisor
* Technical Writer    

Well-trained, competent welders can apply their skills in a variety of settings around Chittenden County and in the rest  of the world.


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