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Electronic Recording Arts 


Instructor: Gary Lambert
Phone: (802) 865-4166

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Length: 2 years
Credits: 3 Credits per year (Science Credit after two years)




Electronic Recording Arts has been designed to introduce students to creative careers in non-print media (television, audio, film and multimedia presentations). Students create numerous projects using the equipment in the ERA Digital Media Lab including Apple G-series  computers; 10 digital video editing suites including Final Cut Pro, Newtek Video Toaster, Photoshop, Adobe After Effects, Lightwave 3D, Yamaha AW4416 Audio Workstation, Avid Express, PowerPoint, field and studio camcorders by Canon and Sony. Hardware and software upgrades occur in a timely manner so that the program will remain technologically current. Field trips to observe and participate in local  audio/video productions are available throughout the year. 

The course includes the following topics: Introduction to Video  Production; Ethical and Legal Implications of Video Technology; Video  Equipment; Camera Techniques; Audio for Video; Lighting; Computer  Graphics; Script Writing; Interview Techniques; Producing; Editing;  Animation; Audio Production in the Field and Studio; and Introduction to  Webcast. 

Students continuing in the second year of Electronic Recording Arts have the opportunity to expand their knowledge through the development and execution of independent projects based on self- interest and the needs of clients from the school and community. Internships with local area producers are arranged.

The integration of computers, video and telecommunication is providing talented students with a continually expanding market  in this evolving electronic medium.



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