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Human Development and Education

Instructors: Linda Randall and JoAnn Wolter
lrandall@bsdvt.org and jwolter@bsdvt.org
Phone: (802) 864-8422

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Length: 2 years
Credits: 3 per year (Social Studies Credit after two years)





Human Development & Education Services prepares students to pursue further education towards a career in the Human Services field or to fill entry-level jobs requiring good people, communication, teamwork and workplace skills. Students learn many valuable skills in addition to the core curriculum of human development and the exploration of careers in the Human Services field. Many of the assignments are long term and require students to be self directed, organized and to plan time thoughtfully. 

During their first year in the program, opportunities for students include teaching in our state licensed, on-site preschool program, learning direct observation techniques and digital photography,  observing a preschool child and creating a comprehensive child  portfolio that is shared with the parents of the child, creating materials to use in the field, including displays, books, brochures, games,  power point presentations, etc. and listening to guest lecturers from the Human Services field. 

During their second year of the program, students choose an area  of concentration in the Human Services field. Those continuing in early childhood (birth through age 8) continue to work in the on-site  preschool program. Students indicating the desire and aptitude are promoted to assistant teachers. Those wishing to explore careers working with adolescents, elderly and special  needs populations participate in internships in the community. All majors participate in a Community Work Experience their last month of the program.

Qualified students may earn nine transcripted college credits from Community College of Vermont through a dual  enrollment program.
Demand is great for trained early childhood educators, educational assistants, and people to work with senior citizens.  There are also excellent opportunities for students who wish to operate their own businesses.



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