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Computer Systems

Instructor: Angela Pandis
Phone: (802) 864-8594 

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Length: 2 years
Credits: 3 per year (Science Credit after two years)



Are you interested in current technology? Would you like to    major  in computer software, hardware applications or computer  networking? Then this is the program for you! This course offers  a wide range of computer skills that can lead to many career  opportunities or give students a start on their post-secondary  educations. 

The first year of the program focuses on PC hardware and software skills, which include personal computers, safe lab procedures, troubleshooting, operating systems, laptop computers, printers and scanners, networks, security and communication skills. After successful completion of Computer Systems I, students are  prepared to take the CompTIA A+ Essentials exams. An A+ Certification candidate must pass two exams.  The first exam is  CompTIA A+ Essentials. The second, more advanced exam, depends  on the type of certification desired. Each advanced exam assesses  specialized skills in one of the following areas: IT Technician,  Remote Support Technician or Depot Technician.

The second year of Computer Systems is the Cisco Networking  Academy. Cisco Networking is designed to provide students with  classroom and laboratory experience in current and emerging  networking technology that will empower them to enter employment  and/or further education and training in the computer networking field.  After successful completion of Computer Systems II, students are  prepared to take the CCNA (Cisco Certified Network Associate) Exam.  

Qualified students may earn eight transcripted college credits from Community College of Vermont through a dual enrollment program. Students may transfer these credits to other colleges and universities. 


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